Values that Guide Our Work



What’s in it for you?

Be a part of an organizational movement toward change. Showcase your ability to be dedicated and servant leader.  At the same time, growing in the organization and taking on new challenges, being self-reflective and providing support wherever needed.  

What we’re looking for:

We are looking for individuals who personally and/or professionally follows the VOAC Mission and Core Values known and unknown (See below):


  • We are: Visionary – Transforming our future with imagination from God.
  • We believe in: One Body – One family working together with unity and respect.
  • We are grounded in: Integrity – Demonstrating action and decision to safeguard trust.
  • We have high: Compassion – Genuine concern, kindness and selfless devotion toward each other those we serve.
  • We strive for: Excellence – Exceeding promises to our stakeholders with agility expertise and innovative solutions (Working from Gods Presence within).
  • We do this as a perspective: Of Faith - Our foundation. The belief in, trust in and loyalty to God.


What you should know before you apply?

As an applicant for a full time role or for a volunteer role you will go through the following process:

  1. Must complete and submit your resume with the initial interest application
  2. If selected for interview: HR will set your interview date and send you an electronic application that must be completed prior to your interview date.
  3. If selected for hire: HR will send you a congratulations and conditional offer or employment or acceptance of internship/Volunteer via email and steps to complete your background check
  4. Once you have completed the background process, you will be contacted by HR to attend a new hire orientation and depends on role for 1 day or 2 days.
  5. Please make sure that when you apply, your name must be exact in typing and font for all name request. For any questions, email the HR person who contacted you. No follow up phone calls, or agency inquiries please.