Values that Guide Our Work



Caring - We care for the individuals we serve as members of our “family” and meet the expectations of those in our care. Caring can also be thought of as being kind, thoughtful, gentle, helpful, considerate, compassionate, concerned, loving, sensitive.

Quality - We improve our service delivery and quality through investment in our primary asset – our staff. Through self-assessment and honesty, we continue to improve the level of our care. Quality can also be thought of as value, worth superiority, class, eminence.

Trust - We know that building trust in the relationships with the individuals in our care is vital to their successful outcomes to be more independent and self-reliant. Trust is belief, hope, confidence, expectation, reliance or dependence on, or in, something or someone.

Faith - We are a faith-based organization and believe through prayer and supplication, God supplies us the wisdom, strength and resources to better the lives of others. Faith is also known as devotion, confidence, reliance, assurance, conviction, loyalty, commitment, dedication.

Respect - We help those in need, leading them to strive for self-reliance and dignity. This respect enriches the lives of thousands that we serve each year. Respect can also be referred to as admiration, high opinion, deference, esteem, reverence, value.